Great Canadian leasing Services has been in the Landlord/Tenant business since 1989.

Whether you need your property leased to quality tenants, whether you need to screen your tenants, need help with an eviction, going to the Landlord/Tenant board or just want to ask a property manager about your rights, Great Canadian is there to assist you. Being a landlord involves some risks. Great Canadian will guide you along the way.


My condo was on the market for 6 months without an offer. My realtor finally admitted she couldn’t sell it because there were 16 for sale in my building. She kept insisting to lower the price. If I lowered it anymore I would be selling it for less than what I paid for it. I took it off the market and decided to rent it instead. Someone told me about Great Canadian Leasing Services so I called them. They leased it in 3 days at a rent I thought was impossible. The rent covers my mortgage, taxes and condo fees. So now I am an investor, in the meantime the unit has gone up in value.
Margaret Senior, Brampton
We couldn’t sell our condo so our realtor suggested we rent it out. So we let him try that. We didn’t know there were professional leasing companies out there. What a mistake. Our realtor leased it for $1350.00 per month to awful pushy tenants. We were furious when we found out that Great Canadian leased out the exact same condo across the hall and 2 floors down for $1750.00. It took our realtor 2 months to accomplish that and Great Canadian did it 15 days. All our realtor did was put it on MLS and hoped for the best. Great Canadian did a worldwide virtual tour and rented it to some couple from Australia.
Ed & Tracy Sonnanstine, Mississauga
We received Great Canadian’s flyer and were skeptical at first. We never heard of rental agents. We never thought about renting out our home. They rented out our home in a week and our skepticism disappeared. The tenants approached us after 6 months and asked us if we were interested in selling our home to them. We couldn’t believe it. We sold it to them and didn’t have to pay any commission. Great Canadian sent us a congratulations card and didn’t ask for anything else.
Regina and Sam Constanza, Mississauga
Great Canadian rented out our condo within 10 days as they said they would. Great tenants. I took their management option and I recommend that program. They manage the property for me so I don’t have to deal with any issues at all. I just collect my rent and leave the rest to them. If you’re looking for someone to rent out your unit, forget a realtor and give them a call.
Constantina McMurchy, Caledon
We needed to sell our condo as we purchased a house. Unfortunately we couldn’t but didn’t want to lose the house we bought. Our banker suggested we rent it out and get bridge financing. The rent could pay for the bridge financing. Our banker recommended Great Canadian Leasing Services. We called them and everything worked out in the end. We decided to keep the condo converted the bridge financing into a mortgage and now we are home owners and investors. Our rent covers the mortgage, taxes and maintenance fees.
Mike & Elizabeth Freeman , Brampton
We didn’t know there was such a thing as a professional rental agent company. I tried renting my condo myself with little success. I contacted a realtor to help me, but he no better. He said renting was a bad idea to sell the unit instead. We heard about Great Canadian through word of mouth. They got us excellent tenants in 2 weeks. Didn’t turn out to be a bad idea after all.
Sebastion Ho, Stoney Creek
We had just purchase a condo as an investment. We were going to hire a real estate agent then one day we received a flyer from Great Canadian and decided to see what they were all about. I liked their guarantee program. They rented it in 2 weeks as they promised. Tenants signed a 2 year lease. Nice couple from Austria.
Felix and Sarah Tallinder, Mississauga
We had a multi unit home in Burlington. We hired a realtor to rent out the units. So he put in on MLS. He barely spent any money on advertising if at all. Didn’t appear to be all too happy about it. Basically he was relying on another agent to bring in the prospects. We called Great Canadian. Not only did they tell us what we needed to do to rent it quickly, they had a plan. They rented both units within 2 weeks and manage it as well. I recommend them if you want your investment property rented.
George & Debbie Takish, Burlington
My husband and I purchased a home with a separate basement suite to help us with mortgage. The realtor that sold us the home was excellent. We then hired her to find us a tenant for the basement unit. She agreed, but it soon became obvious to us that her heart wasn’t in it. The unit was placed on MLS. She barely spent any time or money if at all, marketing the basement and basically relied on another realtor to bring in a prospect. The apartment sat vacant for 180 days. It was obvious to us that it was all about the commission. We contacted Great Canadian Leasing Services and they told us their plan. My realtor had no plan she just put it on MLS. Great Canadian rented it in 10 days.
Doug & Mary Brown, Mississauga
We had some reservations about renting out our home. We heard many horror stories from other landlords and friends. We contacted Great Canadian and they were so helpful. They told us how to ensure we would be happy Investors and not unhappy landlords. We’ve been renting our home for 3 years now with no issues.
Mike & Beth Tucker


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