Sometimes, tenants do not find out that they are being evicted until they receive a notice from the Sheriff or a copy of an landlord Eviction Order. Great Canadian Leasing Services offers eviction management and sheriff eviction services for landlords. Because the last thing you want to do is face the tenant your evicting. For those fortunate landlords who have obtained an eviction order at the Landlord and Tenant Board, we will:

  • Pick up your order

  • Prepare the Instruction Sheet for the Sheriff

  • Attend at the Sheriffs Office in the jurisdiction where your eviction is to take place
  • Pay the Sheriff and Obtain the Eviction date.

  • Receive the Sheriff’s call

  • Attend at the Property and meet the Sheriff on that date

  • Pay the Locksmith
  • Arrange to remove the tenants’ furniture and take it to the dump

  • Give you back possession of your property

Great Canadian Leasing Services Help You With Sheriff Eviction in Toronto & Southern Ontario

So, you are all set to evict your tenant with an eviction order from the Landlord and Tenant Board, but your tenant is not cooperating with you and posing a lot of hurdles. Even after receiving n eviction order, if your tenant refuses to budge and move out, Great Canadian Leasing Services is there to help you with sheriff eviction in Toronto, ON.

Here is what we are going to do.

  • After receiving an eviction order, you will receive originals of the eviction order which needs to be filed for Sheriff Eviction in Toronto. Remember, copies are not accepted by the Sheriff Office.
  • A date is specified in the eviction order by when the tenant has to move out. If he fails to do so, the landlord can file an eviction right after the date on the first business day.
  • Great Canadian Leasing Services will take eviction order originals on your behalf and attend the Sheriff’s Office in Toronto.
  • We shall complete the entire paperwork and apply for eviction with the Sheriff. These details help the Sheriff to decide the best way to ensure landlord eviction. We shall pay the Sheriff’s fee while submitting the documents. The fee varied depending on the location of the rental unit in Toronto, ON.
  • We shall stay in touch with the Sheriff’s Office to find when the actual eviction is going to take place. Once the date of eviction has been finalized, the Sheriff’s Office will notify the tenant.
  • On the eviction day, we will reach the rental unit before the Sheriff arrives along with a person who can change the locks.
  • The Sheriff ensures locks are changed in his presence. We shall be there to take possession of the new keys and sign for the eviction.
  • You need to know that the fee paid to the Sheriff’s Office for eviction is non-refundable even if the tenant decides to vacate the property before eviction takes place.

Using our highly professional eviction management in Ontario, you can easily get rid of an errant tenant. Although most of your tenant hassles get over with the change of locks, you may still have to use our services to collect the rent owed by you.

Sheriff eviction is the last step of our eviction management in Ontario services and we at Great Canadian Leasing Services ensure our utmost help and support to complete the process without any added stress for you.