Landlords-Do you have vacant units, condos, basement apartments or houses for rent? If so, we have thousands of quality tenants ready to move in. Call, text or e-mail Great Canadian Leasing Services. Anybody can place an Ad on Kijiji. We are professional residential property leasing and rental agents in Toronto & Ontario areas, that know how to get perfect tenants for your property. Our mission is to make you money. Use the leasing company realtors use. And the best part is, we guarantee the quality of the tenant. We specialize in the property leasing and management of condominiums, single family homes, upper & lower level apartments & town-homes within South Central Ontario. As part of our Ontario residential property leasing services for landlords, we will:

  • Virtual tours

  • Field all calls and arrange showings

  • Provide applications

  • Obtain deposits

  • Present prospects to landlord for final approval

  • Prepare acceptance letters

  • Hand over to landlord

  • Provide paralegal guarantee

  • Rented quickly and efficiently

  • Free rental evaluation

Remember, an Investment Property is only as good as the tenants you put in there. For residential lease, landlord rental agreements, and property leasing services, Call @ 1-800-401-3108 today.

Great Canadian Leasing Services Impart The Best Property Leasing Services in Toronto

The Great Canadian Leasing Services has been paying its unwavering attention to client properties and help them rent out their properties to the right tenants. Our Property Leasing Services have carved a niche for itself by offering high-end solutions to the clients. Backed with immense experience and a team of professionals relentlessly working to the benefit of the clients, we have successfully leased a lot of residential, retail, commercial, and medical properties.

Reach Out To Us

If you own a nice property, whether a condo, an apartment, a shop, or any vacant unit, do not hesitate to reach out to us and avail of property leasing in Toronto solutions. We have a comprehensive database of ready and willing tenants who would move into your property and help you generate a regular and stable source of revenue every month. Our Property Leasing Services have helped many landlords and tenants find the right match that is mutually beneficial to them. As an expert in this field, we know the landlord’s expectations when it comes to using property leasing in Toronto and tenants’ expectations from the property.

We strive hard to strike the right balance. 

Residential Lease

Great Canadian Leasing Services also help with Ontario Residential Lease. We help landlords and tenants to understand the terms of the lease which is now available in an easy to understand language. The Ontario Residential Lease includes the following information.

  • The pre-decided rent amount
  • Due Date of Rent Amount
  • Inclusions in the rent, like- air conditioning, garage, or parking
  • Terms or rules about the building or the rental unit, like no pets, no smoking, etc.

The comprehensive landlord rental agreement also has a section about the responsibilities and rights of a renter and landlord. It may indicate who is going to be responsible for the maintenance work, or when can a landlord visit a rental unit, or whether the landlords can or cannot ban pets or guests in the rental unit and more.

The tenant has to pay the rent as per the landlord rental agreement to continue enjoying his stay in the rental property. The terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement are binding on both the tenants and the landlord. Failure to comply with these terms can result in either party taking action to restore the agreement terms.

Great Canadian Leasing Services ensure a hassle-free tenancy and a pleasant leasing experience for the tenants and the landlords.