Have you ever said to yourself, if I only had checked them out more thoroughly I wouldn’t be in this mess? If you are going to allow a stranger living in your property, a thorough tenant screening process wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is essential if not imperative. That you do so as the consequences can be devastating. By not doing so, you are being exposed to potentially losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unpaid rent, leaving yourself vulnerable to destructive tenants and the creation of a nightmarish environment. No landlord wants or needs that. Yet that is exactly what happens to thousands of landlords when you don’t screen their tenants. For 1 low fee, we will screen your prospective tenant for you including tenant background check, credit check, and much more. The residential tenancies act allows a landlord to screen their tenant as long as they do not discriminate based on race, sex, religion etc. and since it is allowed, do it.

Income verifications, tenant background check, tenant credit check reports, banking info, previous landlord(s), L&T board information, criminal offense information and much more.

There is no membership to join, no contracts to sign, and no rules to follow. Simply 1 fee for the tenant screening, on an as-need basis. We provide full background checks on all your prospective tenants. We get you answers and provide an opinion. Then you decide not us, whether you want to approve the prospective tenant –or- not. It’s that simple. You will be provided with our specially designed application to give to your prospect to fill out. Once your prospect fills out out, you simple e-mail it or fax it to us. In 3 hours or less,, GCLS will conduct a due diligence investigation on the prospect and will provide an opinion and assessment. Ultimately it is up to the landlord to accept the prospect or not. We merely provide the landlord the tools to make that determination. We will advise the landlord whether in our opinion they should accept the prospect as their tenant in a residential tenancy agreement.

The report shall consist of:

  • In our opinion we recommend this prospect(s) as your tenant –or-
  • In our opinion we do not recommend this prospect(s) as your tenant. –or-
  • Too close to call, your decision.

We provide a landlord tenant paralegal guarantee- If any candidate we recommend to the landlord defaults on their payment obligations at any point in time without just cause during the term of the lease, GCLS shall provide a paralegal at our choosing at no cost to the landlord to commence eviction proceedings. The Landlord agrees to pay the Housing Tribunal Filing Fees of $190.00 plus a $50.00 deductable. Landlord-tenant paralegal guarantee applies to arrears situations only and does not apply to any other breaches committed by the tenant contrary to the Residential Tenancies Act. For landlord tenant paralegal guarantees, tenant credit check, and residential tenancy agreements, Call @ 1-800-401-3108 today.

Residential Tenancies Act: In selecting prospective tenants, landlords may use, in the manner prescribed in the regulations made under the Human Rights Code, income information, credit checks, credit references, rental history, guarantees, or other similar business practices as prescribed in those regulations. 2006, c. 17, s. 10.